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California of Europe

Visit Portugal and it is easy to see why many Americans call it the 'California of Europe'. From the miles of coastline, to the wineries, to the weather, there's even trolleys and a bridge that looks very similar to the Golden Gate.

  • Beautiful, diverse natural scenery
  • Cosmopolitan cities with cultural attractions and a high standard of restaurants, bars, nightlife and hotels
  • Very high level international and local schools
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • International expat network
  • Healthy work life balance
  • Multitude of indoor and outdoor hobbies and pursuits to suit all individuals and families

Cost of Living

Live at a Fraction of US Budget

In general, the cost of living in the US is around 42% more expensive than in Portugal. You’ll find that real estate prices, groceries, and dining out are cheaper in Portugal than in the US.  Also now that the exchange rate has swung, your dollars go even further! Here are some examples:

  • Wine (bottle) - US $13, PT $4
  • Bread (fresh loaf) - US $2.92, PT $1.12
  • Dining Out (dinner for 2) - US $65, PT $35
  • Dentist (cleaning) - US $125, PT $30
  • Doctor (GP visit) - US $110, PT$0-$5
  • Private School (annual) - US $10k, PT $6k

Golden Visa

Obtain an EU Passport

The Golden Visa program allows foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal and to apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years, among other benefits such as:

  • Enter Portugal without a special visa
  • Live and work in Portugal
  • Bring your family with you
  • Apply for permanent residency and/or Portuguese citizenship after five years
  • Access the Portuguese healthcare and education system (on the same basis as Portuguese citizens)
  • Travel freely in the entire Schengen Area