Don’t Procrastinate, Sell Your Home Today!

Whether the thought of selling your home is a new one, or a to-do you’ve been bumping from the top of your list for months, if not years, we have 3 great reasons to quit procrastinating and kick off the New Year right by selling your home today!

sell your home today1) It’s a seller’s market

Inventory is limited. There aren’t a lot of homes for sale right now, at least not relative to the interest in the Arizona housing market. This makes your home all the more valuable, so if you’re ready to sell, by all means take advantage of the chance to reap the benefits (i.e., a better cash offer).

Inventory will rise over the course of the year. Arizona builders have been busy, intent on taking advantage of the demand for more supply. And that means the same thing it always has — as supply grows, demand falls (as does your competitive edge).

Buyers want to take advantage of affordable interest rates. Interest rates are expected to go up in the coming months, so anyone in the market for a home this year knows the best time to buy in 2018 is now!

2) The selling process can take as little as 7 days

Even in a seller’s market, the conventional process of selling your home is an intimidating one — finding a competent realtor you can trust … making necessary repairs … showing your home for weeks (that can turn into months) before you finally get the offer you deserve.

Well, you need not do any of these things when you sell your home to Big 3 Homes. You don’t need a realtor, as you’re not placing your home on the market. You don’t need to make a single repair, as we buy homes as is. And you only need show your home to us once before we will make you the fair offer you deserve. Plus, there are no commissions to be paid or closing costs.

In fact, we would like to pay you for your home in cash and get you out from underneath your mortgage (if applicable) in as little as 1 week!

3) You’re ready now

Few things matter more to your quality of life than your home. So if, for whatever reason, your living situation is one that needs to change — from divorce, to financial hardship, to relocating for work or personal reasons — do yourself a favor and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Waiting not only means missing out on today’s seller’s market, but also missing out on the peace of mind you’ll find once the sale of your home is behind you and the new chapter of your life can begin.

Ready to quit procrastinating and sell your home today? Call us at 480-744-6844 or fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you right away.

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