Should You Sell Your Home Around the Holidays?

Christmas keysConsidering selling your home, but worried about doing so around the holidays? Big Three Homes is here to help! We’ve created a list of some of the Pros and Cons for whether you should sell your home around the holidays:



  • Cooler Weather: Why move when its 100+ degrees out? Take advantage of the great Phoenix Winter weather!
  • Fresh Start: New year, new clean start. Selling before the end of a tax year can give you fresh books and a bright outlook.
  • Time Off: You likely have a few days off work and likely so do your family and friends…put them to work helping you pack.
  • Extra Cash: Who couldn’t use a little extra cash for the holidays and to close out the year?
  • Less Inventory: Best reason of all…low inventory! November/December typically see fewer new listings. This will make for less competition and potentially more demand for your home.

  • Packing: You may be stuck packing instead of unwrapping!
  • No Decorations: You’ll want to keep your home looking neutral for all those showings and open houses.
  • No Down Time: Don’t expect to curl up by the fire, you’ll be in and out as buyers come through your home.
  • Fewer Buyers: The buyer pool is usually slimmer, however if they are out looking they usually are serious buyers.
  • Inconvenience: It may be an inconvenience to have your home sale ready during the holiday time.

The Cons can certainly be a Grinch to all the great reasons to sell your home around the holidays…All the more reason to contact Big 3 Homes today! We eliminate every con from the table, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the holiday season.

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