A Simpler Way to Sell Your Home

If you have a home to sell in the greater Phoenix area, chances are you are planning to follow conventional wisdom in terms of how you go about the sale. This isn’t really a surprise, as we have all been conditioned to believe there is a pre-determined way to sell a home that we must adhere to:

  • List your home with a realtor
  • Make any repairs on your home that your realtor or a buyer asks for, or lower your asking price due to your home’s condition
  • Settle on a foreclosure or short sale due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Pay costly commissions, fees and closing costs and deal with other contingencies and hidden costs
  • Wait for weeks, months or even years for an offer that may or may not come, and may or may not reflect the value of your home

And for some, the traditional approach may be best, but for the rest, we have a simpler way to sell your home:

  • We would like to buy your home for cash
  • We will never ask you to make repairs, because we buy homes as they are
  • We can close on your home in a matter of days
  • You will never pay commissions or closing costs with us
  • We will always make you a fair offer

Imagine receiving cash for your home and being out from under your mortgage within the week. We purchase homes in this fashion every day, and yours could be next.

Why follow the traditional method of selling a home when there is a far better alternative in place? Each transaction we undertake is a win/win situation, and one in which the seller always emerges satisfied. Approach the sale of your home from a new angle; one that sets conventional wisdom on its ear. At Big 3 Homes, we can show you a better way.

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